7 Reasons to Plan Your Home Improvement Project Now

Spring is often the busiest season for homeowners to begin their home improvement projects. But this year, the restrictions of the coronavirus have made people wonder if they should move ahead on their plans. Now might be the best time to start. Here are 7 reasons to plan your home improvement project now.
1. You Have More Time to Imagine
While you’re at home, you’re probably realizing that it would be really nice to have more space. Now is the time to use your imagination. Wouldn’t it be nice to refinish your basement so the kids or the spouse have their own place to play or do hobbies? How about remodeling your master suite to create a tranquil spa-like retreat from the rest of the world? Or adding a beautiful screened-in porch or deck now that the weather is warm.
2. You’re Realizing the Shortcomings of Your Home
With everyone crowded together, it has never been more obvious that your kitchen could use more space or a better layout. Or that you should move forward on adding that second floor, family room or sunroom addition. Having more space would enable your family to enjoy being at home more.
3. Loan Rates are Extremely Low
Now is a great time to get a home improvement or building loan, as rates are as low as they have ever been—or ever may be again. You’ll get much more for your money if you plan your home improvement project now.
4. Everything is Virtual
When you’re planning your remodeling or home improvement project, you don’t actually have to meet in person with your contractor. Companies have pivoted to offer just about every planning service through virtual methods. With Zoom meetings and screen sharing, conversations and document sharing can be done from the comfort and safety of your own home. 
Elements in the planning process that can be done virtually include:

  • Initial and ongoing consultations
  • Virtual home walk-throughs
  • Creation and finalization of design agreements and documents
  • Architectural drawings
  • Selections
  • Permits
5. You’ll Get Your Job Done Faster
Since many contractors and remodeling companies are slow right now, grab this opportunity to get your project done.  Jobs are getting done about 25% faster than when companies are busy. Plan your home improvement project now and you’ll receive more personalized attention to your project.
6. You’ll Be First in Line
When restrictions are lifted, if you have already gone through the planning process, you’ll be first in line for actual construction. If you wait until later, you may be lost in the crush of people who have been waiting to do their home improvement project and you may have to wait months to get a spot in the queue.
7. You’ll Be Supporting the Local Economy
Contractors and remodelers, and all the people on their teams, need work right now. And in return, they turn around and spend their earnings in the local stores and restaurants to keep them thriving during the shutdown. You’ll not only be improving your home, you’ll be helping the local economy.
Plan Your Home Improvement Project Now
Eventually things will return to normal and the economy will begin to recover. In the meantime, use this opportunity to imagine and plan your home improvement or remodel. Start researching contractors and remodelers, pick one, and get the process started. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) can help you find a qualified remodeler in your area.
If safety is a concern, rest assured that all contractors are taking unprecedented measures to ensure the safety of both your family and their own team members. Work areas are separated by sheeting plastic or outdoor projects are isolated, crew members are required to wear protective gear and use hand sanitizers, and workers are maintaining a safe distance from others.
With 7 reasons to plan your home improvement project now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start today.

Linda Barrett is Director of Marketing at Schroeder Design/Build, Inc., an award-winning remodeling firm serving Northern Virginia, www.SchroederDesignBuild.com.

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