5 Reasons to Remodel Your Shower Space

By NARI Industry Partner Kohler

Used daily, the bathroom is an important space in your home. Whether it needs a little sprucing or you have a specific vision, it’s easy to give your bathroom new life by remodeling your bathing space. 
Enjoy the additional functionality and enhanced beauty of a KOHLER® LuxStone® shower, making your bathroom a new favorite space for relaxation.
Read on to learn the 5 benefits of upgrading to a walk-in shower. 
Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom 
1 See a Better Return on Investment 
A walk-in shower makes a stunning impression. Pairing convenient features in an elegant design, it enhances your bathroom and boosts your home’s value. The KOHLER LuxStone shower distinguishes itself as a premier walk-in shower by going beyond beauty and offering incredible durability and easy cleaning so it will grace your home for years to come.  

2 An Easier Entry and Exit 
Create an enjoyable bathing experience when you design a shower that accommodates your needs and style. A walk-in shower offers a low entry for easy access to your shower space. You’ll feel more comfortable without stepping over the bulky barrier of a bathtub. In addition, a raised lip along the base keeps water from escaping onto the bathroom floor to prevent slips and keep your floor spotless. 
3 Shower in Style 
Your dream shower awaits you! Whether you love clean and classic or sleek and modern, express your style with perfect pairings of wall designs, faucet finishes, and accessories. You’ll create a shower that truly reflects you and elevates your shower routine. 
By designing a shower you truly love, you can transform the daily ritual into a time for relaxation and a respite from everyday stress. 
4 Love Your Shower Again 
Bathing doesn’t have to be a chore. By designing a shower you truly love, you can transform the daily ritual into a time for relaxation and a respite from everyday stress. Delight in a shower that is crafted with your convenience and style in mind to create an enchanting shower experience. 
5 Customize Every Detail 
To design the shower of your dreams, you need complete freedom to customize every feature to suit your needs and vision. From wall textures to faucet styles, your new shower should complement you. The LuxStone® shower lets you choose from a variety of designs, fixtures and accessories to build your perfect shower. Plus, it’s designed to precisely fit your space for easy installation. 
The top bathroom trends of 2019 include spa features and natural stone. 
Take the Shower Design Style Quiz 
LuxStone offers a curated selection of shower features that appeals to all styles. Take our Shower Design Style Quiz to discover your perfect shower look. 

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