7 Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

​Whether you’re hoping to sell in the near future or simply looking to touch up outdated areas, there’s one aspect of home maintenance most homeowners agree is important: curb appeal. Find inspiration in these 7 ideas to improve your home's curb appeal. 


Tips to Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month

Americans use nine billion gallons of water at home every day and nearly half is wasted by evaporation, runoff and wind. Check out these tips from WaterSense and celebrate Smart Irrigation Month.


5 Gift Ideas for Dad, Just in Time for Father's Day

Dad works hard and so should his tools. The Home Depot has the perfect gifts for Father’s Day, helping to make both your shopping and his next project an easy lift. Here are five that are sure to please.


Remodel Your Home For Safety and Comfort

As more homeowners opt to remodel their current homes for accessibility and safety, those concerns are taken into consideration especially for kitchens or bathrooms. Learn about the five ways to incorporate universal design and make your home safer and more comfortable.


5 Essential Steps for Durable Door Installation


Pros know
: Door installation is not for beginners. Durable door installation requires sharp know-how and careful execution through each step to make sure installation goes smoothly.

In fact, faulty door installation can cause major headaches for homeowners, installers and door manufacturers alike. From air leaks to water damage, the repercussions for installation errors can be costly and downright annoying.

To avoid callbacks and liability issues, follow these essentials steps for efficient and durable door installation: