How to Pick the Right Window Screen for Your Home


Nice weather will be at our doorsteps soon. Are you ready?
The right window screen can hold the key to a home’s comfort. Screens not only let fresh air in while keeping pests out, but they also impact a home’s light, curb appeal and living experience. Learn about the most popular window screens available from the industry leader in window screen innovation, Pella.1


Flat Screen 
Flat screens are the most common type of window screen. Made of a fiberglass screen cloth, these screens are always visible unless they are removed for seasonal storage. Unlike some window manufacturers, Pella offers a high-transparency flat screen standard. Our InView™ high-transparency screen lets in more air and 14% more light than conventional fiberglass screens.2


Hidden Screen Retractable Screen
The latest, exclusive innovation from Pella is the award-winning Hidden Screen. The easy-to-use retractable screen appears when you open select Pella 250 Series vinyl windows and Pella Lifestyle Series wood windows and folds away when the window is closed. It is a screen like no other — providing easy and convenient access to fresh air and natural light without compromising your view. The Hidden Screen allows 44% more natural light for your home when a window is closed than a standard screen.2 Additionally, the Pella Lifestyle Series Hidden Screen is retrofittable and can easily be added to compatible classic Pella wood double-hung designs including Lifestyle Series, ProLine and 450 Series products manufactured from 1997 onwards.


Rolscreen® Retractable Screen
The popular Rolscreen® rolls up and down like a shade on select Pella casement, awning and monumental-hung wood windows. Like the Hidden Screen, the Rolscreen is stored in a color-matched cartridge outside of the frame of the window. This self-storing screen is popular for its availability on more modern casement and awning windows. Traditionally, casement and awning window screens are located on the interior because the window opens outwards. This means the screen is always present and obstructing natural light and views unless it is removed for storage.


Integrated Rolscreen® Retractable Screen
If you own a historic home or if unaltered sightlines and a polished look are what you are looking for, the Integrated Rolscreen is the screen for you. This innovative screen appears when you open the window and rolls away when the window is closed. It is available on historically authentic Pella Reserve™ - Traditional wood double-hung and single-hung windows. Disappearing into the frame, the Integrated Rolscreen doesn’t require any seasonal screen storage and preserves the important historical sightlines from both the interior and exterior of a home.


Additional Considerations for Screen Selection 
Additionally, it’s important to know that the type of window and how it operates dictates the size and placement of the screen. For example, casement, awning and double-hung windows can open fully, requiring a full screen to keep the bugs out while letting the fresh air in. Alternatively, single-hung and sliding windows only open on one side, with one sash overlapping the other, meaning only a half screen is needed. Casement and awning windows open to the home's exterior, so the screen is on the window's interior. Sliding, single-hung and double-hung windows operate by moving sashes up and down or side to side, so their screen is on the window's exterior.
Work with a Local Certified Contractor Near You 
No matter which window and screen you select, a trusted Pella Certified Contractor in your area can install it for you. Find a local Pella contractor.
1 Based on number of screen patents of leading national window brands.
2 Improved airflow is based on calculated screen cloth openness. Screen cloth transmittance was measured using an integrated sphere spectrophotometer.

With Pella, you get so much more than stunning windows and doors. Since 1925, we have been a leader in innovation, going beyond requirements to create products you can be proud to own.

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