14 Unique Ceiling Decor Ideas to Spice Up a Boring Ceiling

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When it comes to home decor, the ceiling is one of the most overlooked canvases and is often an afterthought. During construction or remodeling, most people default to crown molding to add personality to a boring ceiling. Crown molding is a great way to upgrade the look of a room, but it certainly isn’t the only option.
Here, we’re sharing inspiring ceiling decor ideas that use unique combinations of wood beams, planks, paint, and panels to turn a boring ceiling into a stunning focal point.
Unique Ceiling Ideas for the DIY Homeowner
You’ll be looking like a home design pro in no time! These decorative ceiling ideas take a basic ceiling from flat to fabulous, using affordable, DIY-friendly products.

Driftwood Faux Wood Beams, finished by customer1. Get Creative With Grid-Pattern Faux Wood Beams Over A Planked Ceiling
This modern, white kitchen uses Driftwood Faux Wood Beams installed over a white planked ceiling for an ultra-luxurious look.
The recessed lighting above the kitchen is perfectly framed by the crisscross beam design, while the wood-planked ceiling adds extra depth to the room.

 ←Driftwood Faux Wood Beams, finished by customer

2. Create An Inspiring, Yet Delicate Ceiling Design In A Small Space
Ceiling beams don’t have to be huge! This office features wood beams with a small height and width that don’t overwhelm the space. To complement the beam design, this homeowner installed crown molding and a hanging light fixture in the middle.
No matter the size of your ceiling, there’s a beam to fit. Every Barron Designs ceiling beam is customized to your exact specifications.  

Rough Sawn Faux Wood Beams in Early American

3. Use Faux Wood Panels To Accentuate A Unique Ceiling Pitch
This chic living space has wall-to-ceiling lines you don’t see often!
Chevron Faux Wood Wall Panels in Biscotti cover the angled ceiling pitch to create a head-turning focal wall.
Bright white ceiling beams matching the wood trim around the room bring the look together.

Chevron Faux Wood Wall Panels in Biscotti

4. Use An Asymmetrical Ceiling To Your Advantage
This ceiling decor idea makes great use of the large skylights and asymmetrical ceiling pitch. Here, Driftwood Faux Wood Beams in Light Oak almost serve two purposes: as ceiling beams and as columns.
The beams that sit on the floor appear as though they’re supporting the skylights, and the ceiling beams spread across the living room, making the space feel wider. 

Driftwood Faux Wood Beams in Light Oak

5. Think Outside Of The Color Box To Boost Creativity

Wood ceiling beams don’t have to look all-natural!
This ceiling decor idea features Barron Designs’ Hand Hewn Faux Beams that were ordered unfinished and then hand-painted at home. The homeowner also used classic beam straps to further customize the look.

Hand Hewn Faux Wood Beams, finished by customer

6. Wallpaper Your Ceiling 

Wallpaper is more versatile than you think! Instead of sticking it to the walls, pick a colorful wallpaper and put it on the ceiling.
This living space uses a fun floral print that adds interest and whimsy to the room. For another natural touch of distinction, a wood beam is installed across the apex of the ceiling.
Now that's unique!

Heritage Faux Wood Beams in Whitewash

7. Make It Luxurious With Ceiling Beams Over Matching Wood Planks
Timber Faux Wood Beams in Rich Walnut installed over wood planks of a similar color keep this wine cellar looking lavish. This ceiling decor idea creates a cohesive look throughout the room and draws the eye upward.
If you prefer to install a ceiling fan or light fixture from your beams, our hollow faux wood ceiling beams make it easy to feed wires through.

Timber Faux Wood Beams in Rich Walnut

8. Pair Modern Design Elements With Natural Accents, Floor-To-Ceiling
This small kitchen is the perfect example of a unique ceiling decor idea. The room’s vaulted ceiling against the stainless appliances and modern-style cabinetry is warmed up with a floor-to-ceiling accent wall of Kentucky Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels.
To visually bring the height of the ceiling down, the homeowner installed wood beams to match the pitch of the vaulted ceiling.

Kentucky Dry Stack Faux Stone Wall Panels in Mist

9. Use This Unique Decor Idea To Spruce Up A Boring Exterior Ceiling
Add depth to an exterior ceiling with the lines, grooves, and ridges of Rough Hewn Faux Wood Beams. This beam style is installed over a wood-planked ceiling giving this look an extra layer of character. Barron Designs’ faux wood and wood beams are resistant to damage from pests, moisture, and normal weather conditions – perfectly suitable for interior and exterior projects.

Rough Hewn Faux Wood Beams in Caramel

10. Ceilings Make A Big Statement With Decorative Wood Corbels
The wood beam and corbel combination down this hallway ceiling creates the most fascinating look!
Faux Wood Corbels, made to mimic the captivating beauty of real wood logs, add elegance to an otherwise bland ceiling.
These corbels, installed underneath wood ceiling beams, appear to support the beams, adding more visual appeal.

Rough Edge Corbels in Burnt Mocha

11. Bring Some Drama To Your Flat Dining Room Ceiling
Without these gorgeous beams across the ceiling, this room would look completely different. The beams in addition to the floor-to-ceiling Chevron Faux Wood Wall Panels accent wall give this dining space a comfortable, yet modern feel.
If you’re looking to make a real impact, brush your ceiling with a more adventurous paint color before installing your beams.

Chevron Faux Wood Wall Panels in Fossil Gray

12. Accent Your Tray Ceiling With Exposed Beams
This unique ceiling decor idea makes this small tray ceiling appear larger and much more interesting with intersecting Hand Hewn Faux Wood Beams in Cinnamon.
The color of the ceiling beams picks up the colors of the crown molding and window trim for a completely put-together look.
And, the drywall inside the tray ceiling has a slight pattern to it, giving this ceiling a high-end vibe.

Hand Hewn Faux Wood Beams in Cinnamon

13. Create A Dreamy Bathroom With A Shiplap Ceiling And Wood Beams
Who wouldn’t want to bathe in this stunning master bath? Its tall cathedral ceiling has a spa-like feel with the addition of Wire Brushed Wood Beams over a shiplap ceiling of the same color.
The simplicity of this decorative ceiling idea is complete with a basic, but beautiful, hanging pendant light.

Wire Brushed Wood Beams, finished by customer

14. Add A Quirky Light Fixture To A Beamed
Cathedral Ceiling

The designer of this space makes use of versatile Woodland Faux Wood Beams in Cinnamon, knowing that in the future, the beams will suit different furniture and wallcoverings. The fun light fixture has a modern and playful flair that will stand the test of time. Concerned about safety around your little one? Unlike solid wood beams, our beams won’t put excess strain on the structure of your home, making them safer for use in homes that may sit in earthquake-prone areas.         Woodland Faux Wood Beams in Cinnamon

Don’t Settle for a Boring Ceiling…Spruce it Up!
These ceiling decor ideas are meant to inspire you. Pick a few of your favorite elements from these ideas and make it your own!
Our decorative beams, panels, planks, and accessories fit seamlessly into any ceiling design and any budget. And because our products are DIY-friendly, you can completely transform your ceilings over one weekend, without hiring a professional.
A well-decorated ceiling can make a huge impact. Our collection of awe-inspiring faux wood and real wood ceiling beams is a great place to start.
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