How to Pick Cabinets Like a Pro

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then kitchen cabinets are the bones.  Cabinets are the structure and back drop that make up the lay-out of your kitchen and how you will use it for years to come.  Everything else – countertops, backsplashes, paint, appliances – is a supporting character to the main attraction.
So how do you know you’re making the right decision when it comes to choosing the right cabinets? Sure, color might seem like the most important choice (white shaker, right?) but there are a few areas in which your cabinets must deliver that you might not even know to explore.
Third-Party Testing
According to a study by Hanley Wood, third-party certification is one of the top drivers in the cabinet selection process for builders and architects.
Will your cabinets stand the test of time? Will they stand up to years of being opened and slammed shut?  Will they withstand the weight of your mother-in-law’s vintage china set?  Will the doors crack under the pressure of a child swinging around?  Will your cabinets stain when that bottle of red gets knocked over?
By purchasing cabinets that have been tested by an independent third-party, you can have peace of mind knowing your cabinets are durable, quality-made, and built to last a lifetime.  When you don’t need to worry about the function of your cabinets, you can focus more on picking the perfect color and style to suite your home.
Sustainable Materials
We know that keeping a healthy home is important.  In fact, research shows that sustainability is one of the top five reasons why consumers pick a cabinet company.  You pay special care and attention to the food you feed your family – so why shouldn’t the materials in your home have the same qualifications?
Questions you might consider asking of your cabinet provider:

  • Do the materials and finishes in these cabinets reduce emissions from the cabinets?
  • Are the materials sourced in an environmentally sound manner?
  • Is the process for making the cabinets environmentally friendly?
  • Does the company have an official policy stating its commitment to environmental quality?
  • Is the company committed to serving its community?
Look for cabinets that have a “green” or “environmental” seal to answer these questions.  Know that materials you are putting in your home are healthy, and the company you are supporting with your purchase has your environmental stewardship interests in mind.
Purchasing cabinets is a very important decision for your home – they can make or break your kitchen.  We hope this post has armed you with the knowledge you need to choose the best cabinets for you and your family.  Now that you know how to identify cabinets that will not only stand up to the test of time, but not harm the environment or public health in the process; you can focus on the important decisions like style, color, and cost.

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