Dumpster Rental 101: How to Plan for Construction Debris Removal

Order the Right Dumpster For Your Debris

First, you’ll need the right containers for the kind of debris you’re tossing. Each dumpster type is designed to carry a specific kind of waste in order to meet safety regulations and local landfill restrictions.

1. Construction Dumpsters

Designed to manage debris from home remodels to commercial renovations, construction containers are typically available in 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard sizes. These bins can hold everything from drywall and flooring to lumber and shingles.

2. Yard Waste Dumpsters

Used specifically for landscaping debris, yard waste containers generally come in 10, 20 or 30 cubic yards. You might need this type of dumpster if you’re clearing land for new construction or an addition.

3. Heavy Debris Containers

Built to handle materials like concrete, brick and dirt these containers are often available in 10, 15 and 20 cubic yard sizes to handle large demolitions, remodeling projects and more. Some locations require “clean” debris in these dumpsters, meaning that nothing else can be in the container.

Choose the Right Dumpster Size

Use the guidelines below and our dumpster weight calculator to find the best size to handle all your construction debris and avoid overage charges. Please note that dimensions and weight limits may vary by location.

10 Yard Dumpster
  • Typical Weight Limit: 2-3 tons or 4,000-6,000 pounds
  • Common Uses: Half-bath remodels, brick patio removal, wall tear-downs
15 Yard Dumpster
  • Typical Weight Limit: 2-3 tons or 4,000-6,000 pounds
  • Common Uses: Wall or flooring removal, yard debris cleanups, sidewalk repairs
20 Yard Dumpster
  • Typical Weight Limit: 3 tons or 6,000 pounds
  • Common Uses: Roof tear-offs, kitchen remodels, full-bath remodels
30 Yard Dumpster
  • Typical Weight Limit: 3.5-5 tons or 7,000-10,000 pounds
  • Common Uses: Basement remodels, home additions, large-scale renovations
40 Yard Dumpster
  • Typical Weight Limit: 5-6 tons or 10,000-12,000 pounds
  • Common Uses: Commercial development, demolition, flipping a home
Remember: You can always rent multiple dumpsters or ask for empty-and-returns.


Know What Construction Materials to Recycle

Recycling can lower your debris disposal costs. Most remodeling debris is suitable for recycling, including: carpet, concrete, wood, asphalt shingles, glass, metal, masonry, plastics and insulation.

Some recyclers accept commingled debris, which means you won’t be required to sort debris on the job. But if you cannot find one that does, you can place separate receptacles for workers to toss particular items.

You can also donate construction materials to organizations like Habitat for Humanity to help your community.

Our team is ready to schedule your rental. Visit Dumpsters.com to find a dumpster near you today.

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That's good to know that there are multiple sizes of dumpsters available. I am considering renting one to help my mom throw away a bunch of stuff from her garage and that might be a good way to get rid of all the junk. She doesn't have a ton of stuff, so a smaller one would probably be all e need. It's good you only have to pay for the size of one you would need.
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