4 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows

By Industry Partner Feldco

We all know how important first impressions are, and your home’s exterior is the first impression
it makes on family and friends. Most people think of windows only for their functionality, but the
good news is that you can really make an impact with curb appeal just by replacing your
windows! Here are 4 easy ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal with replacement

1. Change Out Window Style
As long as you are working within an existing opening – you can change one style of
window for another. Do you prefer the sleek, modern look of a casement window? Then
swap out your more traditional double hung. Want more ventilation? Replace that large
picture window with a bay or bow that includes operable windows. If you want to keep
your picture window because it makes your space feel like it extends into the outdoors…
consider shrinking it some, then pairing it with casement or double hung windows to get
some fresh air.

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2. Grids
Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Grids can really
change the look both from the inside and out of your home. Colonial grids add symmetry,
a trait that’s appealing to the human eye. Maybe you are looking for contrast instead.
Perimeter or prairie window grids are a great option. This grid style sports a larger
square or rectangle in its center, with its sides close to the edge of the windowpane.
Want to spruce up your picture window? Consider adding perimeter grids which will not
obstruct your view but will still add a unique touch. Additionally, you can always choose
to add grids to just the top sash of the window, which can create a unique look. Not sure
what it’ll look like or worried about adding any grid pattern? Use painter’s tape to map
out the design and see how it looks from both inside and out.


3. Color
This is probably what you thought first –when thinking of making a change to your
windows. You can change the color of the window itself or the exterior capping around

the window. Colors can make a bold statement on your home’s overall curb appeal. For
a sleek modern look, go with black. Or maybe you want to stay classic with white. If you
aim to create a subtle yet noticeable change, try cream, cocoa or clay. Whether you
want to complement or contrast your home’s exterior, you can do so with changing out
window color or the capping.

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4. Sash Sizes
An often-overlooked change is with the double hung window selection itself. While a
traditional double hung window has equal sized top and bottom sashes – you can really
make a dramatic change by altering the size of the two sashes. A cottage window will
have a smaller top sash while an oriel window will have a smaller bottom sash. You can
choose whatever style will give you the sightlines you’re after.

Investing in replacement windows is an impactful way to change the curb appeal of your
home. Making any of the above changes can make it feel like you bought a whole new
house without even moving! Not to mention, replacing your windows with new ones can
save money on energy bills! For more details on how you can kickstart your home
renewal project, visit 4FELDCO.com or give us a call at 866-4FELDCO.

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