Neil Kelly Design/Build Remodeling

Portland, Oregon




2018 National CotY Award Winner, Residential Kitchen $60,001 to $100,000

The clients had raised two children in their circa 1984 home. When their youngest graduated college, it was time to make their long awaited dream kitchen a reality. There had never been enough room in the existing one-cook kitchen for family and friends to talk or join in food preparation. The small, dark, outdated space was closed off from the open plan living and dining areas as well. To add more space and bathe the area in light, a non-structural wall between the dining and living areas was removed. Now guests can actually see what's cooking! Features include stainless steel perimeter countertops and integrated sink, walnut shelving, white and grey cabinetry, and a freestanding rustic finish dining table, placed at the end of the island.